Kamakura's Analytic Tools for Excel

Welcome to KATE’s new off-campus home!

  • This FREE suite of Excel Add-ins contains a collection of basic and advanced analytic tools I developed over the years for instructional purposes.

  • I developed KATE, this site and the tutorials as a hobby, and to learn new skills (who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!).

  • You may use it for anything you want (always at your own risk…), keeping in mind it’s original educational purpose

  • These add-ins are bundled under a single menu under the Excel AddIns tab.

  • This version of the suite works with Office 2010 or newer, running on a Windows device (PC or laptop).

  • It might work on a Mac, depending on the Windows emulator (it is known to work with Virtual Box).

  • It will (may?) work with Office 365, but it has to accept local macros and libraries (they can't be kept in the cloud).

What KATE is good for:

  • Contains a broad range of analytic tools for text/data processing, visualization, unsupervised training and supervised training

  • It’s fairly easy to use, after you suffer through the convoluted installation process (not all my fault!)

  • Only requires proficiency with Excel

  • Easy way to get business-people involved with data analytics without having to bother with coding.

  • It is FREE! No strings attached (both ways...)

KATE’s limitations:

  • It isn’t “foolproof”. It offers very limited debugging feedback. If the data contain errors, it will crash without warning (keep your data safe at all times!)

    • You should first explore your data to be sure they are clean (free of missing values, weird characters, #DIV0!, #NUM!, etc...)

  • It won’t run anything in the background; you’ll have to wait until it finishes any analysis you started, before you can do anything in Excel.

  • This is why KATE has some limits on data and problem size, which are more than plenty for educational purposes and most applications, but not quite for “big data.”