Kamakura's Analytic Tools for Excel

Before downloading and installing KATE for FREE, please watch the installation tutorial!

You must follow each step in the exact sequence to install KATE successfully:

  1. Make sure your Excel is ready to run VBA and AddIns (you must have Analysis Toolpack and Analysis Toolpack – VBA)

    1. If your Excel is in any language other than English, please pay attention to the extra step at the end of the installation tutorial. If your Excel uses file names in Chinese, read the special instructions here.

  2. Download and extract Kamakura Analytics Install.zip into a folder (PickAnyName) in your local drive

  3. Add the new folder (PickAnyName) and its subfolder to the Trusted Locations in the Microsoft Excel Trust Center <= Critical Step!

  4. Find the file named Kamakura Analytic Tools 2010.xlam in the AddIns subfolder under your new folder (PickAnyName)

    1. Right-click on it to check its Properties.

    2. If you see an option to Unblock in Attributes, put a check-mark to do it.

    3. This file must be unblocked before you use KATE. <= Critical Step!

  5. Run Install Kamakura Analytic Tools.xlsm and select the tools you want to install.

  6. You must keep the new folder (PickAnyName) and its subfolder (AddIns) until you no longer want to use KATE and want to uninstall it (as shown below).

To uninstall KATE

  • Go to its directory (PickAnyName) and double-click on Uninstall Kamakura Analytic Tools.xlsm

  • Delete KATE’s folder (PickAnyName)

Now that you know how to install KATE for FREE, you may download it from HERE.

You will find the following files and folder:

  • Install Kamakura Analytic Tools.xlsm - a macro to install KATE

  • Kamakura Analytic Examples.xlsx – a worksheet with one data sample for each tool available in KATE

  • Read Me.pdf – a brief description of KATE

  • AddIns – a subfolder containing all the macros and libraries used by KATE. You must keep this subfolder and the main folder until you decide to uninstall KATE

  • Uninstall Kamakura Analytic Tools.xlsm – a macro to uninstall KATE. You should only delete the folder and subfolder containing KATE files after running this macro.